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Dec 31, 2012 5:00pm PST
around the bay area. 47 napa. 50 san francisco. 49 hayward. winds light out there. coming from the west and southwest, this will be temporary. winds brought on by a weak disturbance over the bay area. clouds. we are watching the system moving through. as it does it is bringing clouds and high level moisture. take a look at this. we have high level moisture out there. this not hitting the grounds. maybe an outside chance of a sprinkle. this will continue to pass through and most of this is virga, not hitting the ground. picking it up at this hour. mostly cloudy. 9:00 p.m., 10:00 p.m., midnight, partly cloudy skies. over night we will be clear and temperatures will be cold. new year's day morning, tomorrow morning, we got rain, it will remain off the coast line. again, another outside chance at maybe a sprinkle along the coast for tuesday morning and then it is out of here. sunny for the afternoon. we have a spare the air day tomorrow. tomorrow morning it will be chilly. you may want to light up a fire. into the evening, we are into the 40s by 8:00 p.m. 41 santa rosa. into had evening, te
Dec 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
. temperatures are cool. 49 in napa. that is cool. 46 in novato. despite the sunshine. 50 in conquered. into the winter norths we will see the over night lows into the 30s. shouldn't see too much freezing tonight because high clouds. tomorrow morning, dense fog in the forecast. central valley as well. patches of it again tomorrow morning. friday one of those weekends, right? new year's eve deal, a lot of folks will be moving around tomorrow. so this fog plays into the forecast. think about it if you are heading out. if you got to the mountains, great, yesterday's travel was nasty. ken pritchett showed us how long it took to get up there yesterday. it was a mess. saturday, a chance for snow flurries late in the day. shouldn't be a big deal. nice couple days -- nice couple days. be prepared for icy conditions. bay area forecast calls for the fog tonight. it will be extensive. especially in the central valley. everybody is driving around, this is the stuff, especially on the 99, 505. nasty. when i come back the showers for tomorrow. i will see you back here. >> thank you. >>> coming up, w
Dec 25, 2012 5:00pm PST
doing last minute shopping. >> maybe other people like it yes. >> i have a restaurant close to the napa river so we're always on a flood watch up there. >> reporter: this christmas day brought crowds to the golden gate bridge, a persistent drizzle did not seem to bother anyone. umbrellas in every photo. >> you can see san francisco, you expect bad weather and you came to the golden gate, that's it. >> reporter: coming back live now, coming up at 6:00 i will have more on this emergency levee repair. plus a business that is surprisingly soldiering on despite the weather. reporting live in palo alto, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in the main system is going through right now we've had light steady rain all day. accumulations have been light until now. now we're starting to see the system moving in. you can see the yellows firing up. we have a couple live frames right there. yellows and reds. it's hitting pretty hard right now. this is the strongest dynamics in this storm. so out toward hayward, out toward san mateo you have significant rain. castro valley is raining hard, it's rain
Dec 29, 2012 5:00pm PST
lows. plenty of upper 20s from antioch to fairfield. cloverdale. low 30s, napa. san francisco and oakland, milder. look at palo alto. 33, 35 in san jose, 32 in santa cruz, going to be awfully cool over the next several nights. here's the area of low pressure dropping to the south. high pressure building in tomorrow but a weak system over the sierra nevada is going to slide down the coast. so, by late tomorrow, we could see a few clouds, maybe a sprinkle in the south bay, the santa cruz mountains but much of the day featuring sunshine but increasing clouds on monday. and here's the chance of rain that's going to come in new year's eve. shouldn't be much. don't have to worry but the possibility exitses. high temperatures tomorrow, 50s. snow should be ending in the sierra nevada, and back home, lower 50s. so not much of a change but sunshine. 352 -- 52 in san jose, chance of showers late sunday, and a look ahead calls for the sunny day, chance at higher elevation snow sunday night, new year's eve, and a break, tuesday, wednesday, and then another system could give us rain showers nex
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4